Prostate cyst

prostate cyst

More than half prostate cyst them are associated with ipsilateral renal agenesis.

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This disease was first described by Zinner inand since then, more than cases have been reported. Most of the patients with this congenital disease present few symptoms until the middle-age.

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Case presentation: A year-old male was referred to the Urology Clinic with intermittent pain and sensibility in his lower left abdomen in the last 12 months accompanied by intermittent bowel obstruction. The digital rectal examination could not assess the prostate due to a rectal stenosis. On computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging MRI a cystic tumor with close relations prostate cyst the bladder wall and prostate, associated with left kidney agenesis was identified.

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The cystic tumor was surgically removed. The histopathological examination of the tumor revealed a multilocu- lar seminal vesicle cyst, with a muscular wall.

Anda di halaman 1dari 3 Cari di dalam dokumen Ca zu r i c l i ni c e Azoospermie obstructiv prin chist de canal ejaculator D. Damian, S. Andrei Spitalul Clinic Prostate cyst. Burghele, Bucureti Abstract Cystic lesions in midline of prostate are uncommon and considered as congenital disorders. Here we report a 27 year old male who presented with azoospermia, decreased ejaculate volume leading to infertility and for whom performing transrectal ultrasonography had a critical role in diagnosis.

Conclusions: Seminal vesicle cysts combined with ipsilateral renal agenesis are rare urological anomalies. Imaging allows a comprehensive investigation of renal and seminal vesicle anomalies.

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MRI seems to better visualize cysts and differentiate them from ureteroceles, while the histopathological examination contributes to a correct diagnosis. Post navigation.

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