Cancer prostate psa

Cancerul de prostată mi-a schimbat viața în bine

There is no consensus about which alternative treatment should be used after the failure of initial ADT. We aimed to investigate the effect of changes in treatment on PSA and testosterone levels.

cancer prostate psa

Group 1 n: 80 included the patients who underwent medical management cancer prostate psa whole follow-up period in whom the initial management protocol was later on switched to another medical treatment with different agents, Group 2 n: 20 included patients who were initially treated with a medical management protocol and switched to surgical castration during follow-up evaluation and lastly Group 3 n: 20 included the patients undergoing cancer prostate psa surgical castration as initial treatment modality without any further medical management protocol.

Mean PSA and testosterone levels increased significantly in these cases despite a change in hormonal therapy by using another agent for androgen deprivation.

cancer prostate psa

Cases in Group 2 and 3 cases did not show any statistically significant difference with respect to the mean PSA as well as testosterone values during the same follow-up period.

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